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Sit And Go Overview

November 29th, 2012 / / categories: online poker /

One of the most popular forms of poker games today is the single table tournament, or Sit n Go.

These small tournaments can be great for a player at any skill level, and on most sites, they are generally offered at a large variety of stakes. There are a few different variations of the Sit N Go, which can be a full ring, or six handed, as well as either normal pace, or on a turbo schedule where the blinds rise much quicker.

Sit n Go’s offer the chance for any player to work on some tournament strategy and concepts without having to wade through a field of thousands of players, which is usually the case in dealing with small buy in online tournaments.

The speed at which you can play these and realize your earning potential makes them a favorite among pro’s. Another one of the nice things about playing in these single table tournaments is the flat payout structure that they provide, usually paying the top three players in a full ring tournament, and the top two in the six handed matches.

Even if you are not a great heads up player, you can still make these profitable due to the payout structure that they provide. This structure can also provide a long “bubble” period, in which a good aggressive player can abuse the tighter players at the table who are playing just to make the money and are scared to make any sort of move.

In a Sit n Go, there are three segments that make up the tournament. The three pieces are the early stages of play, on the bubble, and in the money. It is extremely important that you have a clear understanding of what each of these means not only to you, but to the game as a whole, if you want to be a winning Sit n Go player.

Sit n Go’s can be an extremely effective way to build a bank roll, and this can be noticed by the numerous online pro’s who have done so. If you play with the proper patience and strategy, these tournaments can provide a very nice return on your investment. Also, since you can play Sit n Go’s with a very definitive style, they are very easy to multi table while still being able to make the proper moves, since after time they will require little thinking.