Playing a familiar opponent

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famous playerThere is a cardinal rule in No-Limit Hold’em: get to know your opponents. At many texas hold em sites you will run in to the same players over and over again, and it can give a strategic advantage to know a player’s tricks and habits. This is what happens if you play regularly at the same room. And it goes both ways. But if you live in Brasil you could use a codigo de marketing pokerstars to open an account at the largest poker room. This way you may be a bit less recognizable given the huge traffic and the large number of players constantly logged in.

The more you know about a player, the better idea you will have about what he is holding if he raises, checks, or calls. That is the good news: the flip side is that the same opponent will be familiar with you as well. He will get to know any tricks up your sleeve and try to use them against you.

By and large, though, it is much better to play against a familiar opponent than an unfamiliar opponent, especially one who is skilled. If you are playing against an inexperienced, unfamiliar opponent, this is not as big of a challenge as you will probably be able to read their level of play pretty quickly, especially if they make a series of inappropriate bets or plays. If you play against an experienced but unfamiliar player, you won’t quite know what he is up to when he raises high, is he bluffing, is he raising only on a good hand, is this part of a pattern?

The more you play No-Limit texas hold em, the more you will see the same names crop up again and again. It is a good idea to keep tabs on past opponents, maybe even keeping a ledger to remind yourself just what type of player he is, such as how much you have beat him for in the past and if he is loose, tight, aggressive, or passive. The more information you have on a player, the better a position you are to beat him. Knowledge in Hold’em is about a lot more than what cards he might be carrying.

Because a familiar opponent is more familiar with your style of play as well, you should think about mixing up your bets. If he starts to see a pattern in your betting, he is going to have the leg up. To counter this, you need to send out some false tells. Bluff once in a while maybe more than you would normally.

You have to throw him off balance so he is never entirely sure if you are holding weak or strong. Again, the same goes for your opponent. He is going to be trying to throw you off with a different betting strategy so you have to recognize which is a real tell and which is a false tell designed to throw you off.

For the most part, it can be fun to play a familiar opponent. While you want to win as much cold hard cash as you can, there is also pride in beating a player who has beat you in the past. There are also those familiar players who you know you can beat and drain their stack, these are the players you should look out for most often.


Sit And Go Overview

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One of the most popular forms of poker games today is the single table tournament, or Sit n Go.

These small tournaments can be great for a player at any skill level, and on most sites, they are generally offered at a large variety of stakes. There are a few different variations of the Sit N Go, which can be a full ring, or six handed, as well as either normal pace, or on a turbo schedule where the blinds rise much quicker.

Sit n Go’s offer the chance for any player to work on some tournament strategy and concepts without having to wade through a field of thousands of players, which is usually the case in dealing with small buy in online tournaments.

The speed at which you can play these and realize your earning potential makes them a favorite among pro’s. Another one of the nice things about playing in these single table tournaments is the flat payout structure that they provide, usually paying the top three players in a full ring tournament, and the top two in the six handed matches.

Even if you are not a great heads up player, you can still make these profitable due to the payout structure that they provide. This structure can also provide a long “bubble” period, in which a good aggressive player can abuse the tighter players at the table who are playing just to make the money and are scared to make any sort of move.

In a Sit n Go, there are three segments that make up the tournament. The three pieces are the early stages of play, on the bubble, and in the money. It is extremely important that you have a clear understanding of what each of these means not only to you, but to the game as a whole, if you want to be a winning Sit n Go player.

Sit n Go’s can be an extremely effective way to build a bank roll, and this can be noticed by the numerous online pro’s who have done so. If you play with the proper patience and strategy, these tournaments can provide a very nice return on your investment. Also, since you can play Sit n Go’s with a very definitive style, they are very easy to multi table while still being able to make the proper moves, since after time they will require little thinking.


Everest Poker

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Everest Poker is the newest felt sponsor at the World Series of Poker which means in addition to their already great incentives to bring in new players, their name will be splattered across every table at the big game this year. The Everest Poker software comes in 16 different languages and the company features a multi-lingual staff, truly making them a global company, well almost global, us players are not able to play real money poker at Everest.

To deposit money into your real player account you have to know what they accept, so the deposit methods are; Visa, MasterCard, Click2Pay,PaySafeCard, Bank draft, MoneyBookers, Neteller, EcoCard, 1Pay and IBS. Be sure to check out the latest and greatest Everest Poker bonus before you actually make that first deposit however, you only get that one chance to get the highest return on your initial investment.

Players at Everest Poker can also transfer real money to another player. So in case you owe a pal some money and they play poker too you can easily transfer them the cash, and should you run into a deposit delay, they can hook you up too.

At this poker room you will find poker newbie’s sitting at the tables all the way up to poker pros so you can find the perfect table to play at. Everest Poker’s Hold’em tables can be relatively soft with a flop percentage in the 50’s and 60’s. Everest Poker offers satellite games that start at $5.50 and there are many satellite and feeders available to play that can get you into the bigger live tournaments such as the European Poker Tour and more. The variations that are offered are; Texas Hold’em in FL, PL and NL.

There is also Omaha High and this game is available in FL and Pl. According to an Everest Poker review, the site features over 25,000 players playing online during peak times and since they only offer 2 games you are sure to find plenty of active Omaha and Hold’em tables for you to choose from. Some of the perks that are offered are their “Summit Points” program, which allows players to accrue points that can be traded in to buy into special tournaments and more.

Another great perk is their $300 dollar bonus, all you have to do is download the software and then put in the bonus code “BIGSHOT″ and then make a real money deposit and then finally earn 3,000 Summit Points and the $300 will be transferred to your account.

The state of Washington has placed into effect a new law that was signed by Governor Chris Gregorie making online gambling a felony; this is on top of the federal Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The previous state law, the 1973 Washington Gambling Law had a 2006 statute stating a ban only on the receipt or transmission of gambling information via radio, phone or telegraph; this newest amendment to the law now includes the internet as well.

Attorney Lee Rousso who is also the Washington State Director of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) had brought the case in front of State Court Judge Mary Roberts on May 16th, 2008 in hopes of having the law overturned. Several PPA supporters rallied outside the courtroom wearing t-shirts that said “Poker is not a crime”. Poker Professionals Andy Block and Barry Greenstein were at hand to show their support as well. Greenstein was quoted as saying, “the politicians are dictating what you can do in the privacy of your own home. Makes it look like a pretty backward place.”

Rousso argued that the law is unconstitutional. He stated the law infringes upon the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution; State Legislatures are not allowed to regulate interstate commerce, only Congress has the authority. Rousso held steadfast to his claim that the law was only in place to profit Washington’s land based casinos and card rooms to the detriment of online gambling companies.

Apparently Senator Margarita Prentice whose district includes said land based casinos and card rooms had sponsored the initial bill that put the ball rolling for this new law. State Assistant Attorney General Bruce Marvin told the judge the states were given the right and power to govern their criminal laws individually and the Washington law bans online gambling whether the internet company is managed in or out of state.

Lee Rousso’s efforts fell upon deaf ears on Judge Roberts as she dismissed the case citing it had not successfully proven that Washington State is unfair in the protection of the gambling industry in regards to land based casinos versus online casinos. The King County judge further went on to say that the state’s long and strict prohibition on gambling was a basis in her decision. Rousso told the judge that the law was discriminative and filled with hypocrisy.